"Keeping it affordable
and in its realistic market value"

About us

Sensara Malta is a Trademark recently established to safeguard the Real Valuable Concept of an Intermediary Person when buying/selling/renting a property.

A Career of a Sensar (Broker/Consultant) takes a special person to do it where PASSION overcomes MONEY. Someone who is committed to provide exceptional customer service, regardless the late nights, weekend work & knows the fluctuating market & its intense competition. A Real Sensar (Broker) acts as a go-between for the owner and the buyer, assisting with their negotiations to reach an agreed sale price for the property & continues to act on their behalf until the property is legally transferred to the new owner. For these services the Sensar (Broker) receives payment (known as a commission).

Our Target is to build Man Kind forming part of this Trademark & not to fill in desks and go to the concept of who hits, hits. We are fully aware that PASSIONATES want to safeguard their CAREERS since they give their heart into it. A SENSAR (Broker) has to bleed REAL ESTATE to give an outstanding service to estimated vendors/clients, keep updated with new Mepa / Heritage regulations from time to time & any other related entities.

At Sensara Malta we offer a vast range of properties for Sale or Let & our aim is to ‘keep it affordable & in its Realistic Market Value. We limited our fees to safeguard fancy pricing on properties for sale whilst offering the best service throughout. All prices for SALE include our reasonable fee & no additional hidden expenses are incurred. Therefore clients DO NOT PAY any other commissions such as 1% etc.

Sensara Malta was founded by Janice Azzopardi, a PASSIONATE for the REAL ESTATE. For the past 20 years, she has been involved in the construction, development & real estate sector. She has worked for two of the main leading building contractors in MALTA and represented well re known Estate Agencies around the island as a Property Consultants.

Her aim is to offer the BEST well deserved service to estimated vendors/clients, respect their once in a lifetime investment (for the majority), build a team of Real SENSARA (brokers) where Passion overcomes MONEY and keep the property affordable & in its Realistic Market Value.

Janice Azzopardi
Janice Azzopardi
Founder Sensara Malta
Marika Debono
Marika Debono
Broker Sensara Malta
Daniel Dalli
Daniel Dalli
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